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Street Style Huntress: Toques and Truffles

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I recently featured a cool and fashionable Calgary blogger, and I decided that one just wasn’t enough for me. We have much talent and vision in this city, and I certainly love showcasing that talent.

Katie Marks only recently began her blog, Toques and Truffles, although she’s been a fan and fashion contributor for much longer than that. One of her main gigs is working with PARK, which she began working with shortly upon her arrival to Calgary from Toronto.

She now proudly calls Calgary home and is eager to share her love and passion for fashion and much more, with our fine city - and so I’ll just let her tell you exactly what sparks that passion and how she’s getting ready to take on the world!

How would you describe your personal style?

Over the past few years I’ve grown confident in my personal style and I’ve noticed that my wardrobe has shifted to basics and neutrals. I appreciate design so I like the beautiful lines or unique textures of fabrics to stand out in my pieces versus wearing bold colours and patterns.

What are some of your influences when it comes to fashion?

I’m not a very trendy person, but that being said, I’m always peripherally influenced by what’s happening in the fashion world through volunteering within the industry. We’re able to see a lot of forecasting, so sometimes I’ll use that to look out for that’s coming up next that resonates with me.

When and why did you start your personal blog?

I started Toques and Truffles just over two months ago! It’s been a very natural step in my life to start it. Between my love of volunteering, food, photography, freelance writing and the incredibly inspirational people I have in my life, it seemed to be the best platform to share those things.

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? Why do you think it’s important to share your personal style with others?

I hope to show another side of Calgary that people might not readily know about. Through volunteering and friendships, I’ve been very lucky to be able to do a lot of really great things in our city. But this blog isn’t all about triumphs – I fail at baking and cooking and want to share those moments so hopefully everyone else can avoid them! When it comes to posting a style piece, I’m hoping that I can give someone an ‘ah-ha!’ moment where they’re inspired by their own wardrobe, to look at their clothing differently and pair things in a fresh way.

What are some of your favourite stores and shopping destinations in Downtown Calgary?

I work right next to The Core, so lunchtime sneak-outs and after work jaunts are how my shopping is accomplished. I’ve developed a great relationship with the ladies at Aritzia so my trips in there are a breeze and so much fun!

What are some of your favourite Downtown Calgary spots?

In the Downtown Core I like to stop by and see “The Jeffs” at Local on 8th for good beer and laughs, and I especially enjoy Cucina and Blink.

What are some of your favourite trends right now?

Everything gray and warm! I’m really enjoying monochromatic outfits.

What fashion advice would you give to others?

Wear what you feel the most comfortable in, don’t worry if it’s said to be the greatest by some magazine or celebrity. It won’t look good - no matter the label or how much it cost or who wore it before you; your confidence and personality shine through when you’re not worrying about your outfit.

Where were you born and raised?

I was raised in a small village in Southern Ontario surrounded by fields and horses!

Why do you choose Calgary as your home? Do you plan on staying here, why/why not?

I was headhunted out of Toronto to work in the oil and gas industry here in Calgary and I haven’t looked back since. I’m deeply and personally invested in the city - this is my home now and I don’t plan on leaving!

What are some of your future aspirations?

I’m going to continue to support and grow our art and fashion industries, as well as the creative culture in Calgary through volunteer work, my blog, photographs and writing. My personal goals are very much aligned with PARK (Promoting Artists, Redefining Kulture) – to make art and design sustainable in our city so we keep the homegrown greats local. I’m also a huge advocate for collaborations within our industry so I’m going to keep working to see that more of those come my way too!

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