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Street Style Huntress: Gar&Mann:L

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I first noticed Garmann Lee on a fashion runway, although it would really be more accurate to say that she stole the show, so how could I not notice her! Her look is distinct, and she carries herself with much confidence, gliding down the runway like that’s exactly where she has always belonged.

But it goes far beyond that for Lee - her amazing personal style thrives alongside her career, which has also sprouted into various projects that are interesting and cool to see. She’s a model, brand ambassador, blogger and most recently, one of the founders of Vinegar Designs Lab Inc. Her personal style speaks to all of her creative efforts, and even accommodates her love of skateboarding during summer months.


How would you describe your personal style?

Street, Uniform and military are my thing. I like to study the history behind every print and pieces, and for me, fashion and history are interrelated with each other. I collect lots of different types of items with historic backgrounds, and some of my favorites would be from WWI and WWII.

What are some of your influences when it comes to fashion?

History plays a big part when it comes to fashion and my personal style. Understanding the historical significance behind each print and every pieces are important to me. Street culture also has a deep influence on me. I get lots of inspiration from icons such as Queen Latifah and Aliyah, and even from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

What are some of your favourite stores and shopping destinations in Downtown Calgary?

Holt Renfrew and The Core.

IMG_0010A IMG_0036A IMG_0041A

What are some of your favourite Downtown YYC spots?

Millennium Skate park, I spend a lot of time there skateboarding during summer times. Chefbar is one of new spot I like for a quick eat, they also offer local prize winning cocktails at the bar. Don Day for authentic Korean drinks and food.

What are some of your favourite trends right now?

PINK PINK and PINK!!!! And socks will look ridiculously cute this season.

What fashion advice would you give to others?

I think when you understand the aesthetics of fashion, your style will follow through. Just make yourself happy. At the end of the day, as long as it makes you happy no one can tell you what’s right or wrong - there is no such thing in fashion, as far as I’m concerned.

IMG_0043A IMG_0075A IMG_0098A IMG_0109A

Tell us more about the projects and work that you’re involved with.

I am part of Vinegar Designs Lab Inc. together with Paul M. Lee, Vincent Law and Jack Lee. We are an “one-stop-laboratory” that specializes in creative business advertising. Recently we have worked together with Honens for their up-coming event “Hullabaloo.” We’re working together with Holt Renfrew Calgary and Glenbow museum’s annual fundraiser “SCHMANCY” as well.

I am also the North-America brand ambassadors for China-based fashion brand Bokiin.

What are some of your future aspirations? 

I’ve always wanted to have my own label. I am currently working on a project, and that is all I can tell you for now…shhhhh!

IMG_0112A IMG_0153AUntitled-2How does your work influence your personal style?

Through Gar&Mann:L and Vinegar Designs Lab Inc., I have meet some truly inspiring people. Sometimes it gives you a different idea and inspiration about things.

Anything you’d like to add or tell us about? 

Gar&Mann:L will have a make-over soon! Stay Tuned! http://www.garmannl.com/

IMG_0074A IMG_0081A

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