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Do you live a nearly car-free lifestyle? Do you mostly cycle but love to take advantage of Calgary Transit and car2go when you can? Do you wish you could fit more than two people in your car2go or do you have a family and need a larger vehicle? I have great news for you! car2go has officially introducing 25 four-door vehicles to its fleet in Calgary.

The pilot program, provides over 84,000 car2go members in Calgary exclusive access to the Mercedes B-Class vehicle, a roomy, versatile alternative to car2go’s tiny for-two vehicle. The new four-door vehicles are also equipped with the latest car2go technology, allowing members the ability to control their entire car2go experience seamlessly through the official car2go smartphone app.

My family and I took the new vehicle for a spin around downtown this weekend and I only have good things to say about it. First of all, this car just looks good. Although the Smart Car versions are a lot of fun, the Mercedes B-Class vehicle just looks sportier, is definitely roomier and is 10x more comfortable with luxurious add-ons like heated seats, which definitely came in handy this past weekend during that blip of cool weather. We have a baby son so the 4-door vehicle was super convenient for us - there was even anchors for his carseat, which definitely put our mind at ease.

Being able to fit four people in the car as well as fill the trunk with our gear was definitely an incredible feat. Urban dwellers are going to love using these cars to get errands done, pick up friends for brunch or even hit the highway for a little road trip. Which is totally doable because for the duration of the pilot program, all trips in the new Mercedes B-Class vehicles can be rented at the same cost – 41 cents per minute – as car2go’s two-door vehicles.

Another feature we loved was the in-car technology. We were able to hookup our smartphones to the car immediately, meaning no more fuzzy radio! We enjoyed our own playlists which was definitely a big perk when you’ve got a lot to get done. In addition, the B-Class vehicles feature updated app technology, allowing you to go through each step of the car2go experience right in the smartphone app. Genius. Eliminating this need for a member card, means that members will have quicker, more streamlined access to car2go vehicles. So, keep an eye out for these lean, mean 4-door machines. There are 25 of them out there just waiting for you to take them for a drive.

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