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New Downtown Calgary Daycare

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If you could go back to your early childhood, what would you change? Chapter 1 Daycare wants the answer to that question to be: nothing, because you got it right from the beginning. Led by Abi Paul and a team of young professionals, Chapter 1 Daycare opened its doors in December of 2015 to make a difference in the lives of children, starting at the very beginning, chapter 1.

It all began over a conversation about early childhood and the ability to change it to impact future success. As the conversation went on, Abi Paul realized there was an opportunity in the marketplace. He made it his mission to start a movement that would not only impact the childhood of future children, but also assist their parents. Chapter 1 Daycare isn’t simply a downtown daycare with competitive pricing; it’s a collective learning environment with children, parents and staff at its core.

Chapter 1 Daycare is located in the heart of downtown inside the Calgary Chinese Cultural Center. Typically used to rent out space to businesses for events, Chapter 1 Daycare is the first daycare in the Cultural Center. During the renovation phase, construction crew transformed the rental space into a full scale daycare while maintaining the vibe of the community, which is symbolic of the future Chapter 1 Daycare hopes to create in Calgary.

One of the initiatives Chapter 1 Daycare is focused on is introducing and enhancing technical skills in childhood. The world is dramatically changing in front of our eyes as innovation and economic conditions lead to introduction of robotics and mechanized automation in every aspect of one’s life. The world that the children of today will face in the future is clearly going to be very different.

Robotics presents a unique opportunity by allowing humans to become more productive and focus on value enhancing tasks. It is clear that today’s children will interact a lot more with robots and artificial intelligence as adults in the future. Chapter1 Daycare addresses both these concerns through the introduction of science labs, where children are exposed to the simple concepts of chemistry, physics and biology and through the introduction of the Dash Robot, the world’s first child friendly robot friend.

Chapter 1 Daycare also offers a weekend program for parents, allowing them to drop their kids off in a safe environment and enjoy spending time with each other. Your child is unique and Chapter 1 Daycare values the potential for each child by providing them a safe, stimulating environment for growth. You can stop by the daycare for a tour or join one of their upcoming playdates.

This has been a Guest Post by Chapter 1 Daycare. To contact them, and for more information on their business please contact them directly:

Chapter 1 Daycare
(403) 775 – 9236
197 1 St. SW #107
Calgary, AB T2P 4M4

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