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Fantastic kids gifts and where to find them

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Written by Elliot Whitehead

Knick-knacks, stocking stuffers, or finding that one perfect holiday gift, shopping for kids can be an exhausting experience - especially when the stores you need are few and far between. Luckily, downtown Calgary has some great options for you to pop into quickly when you’re on lunch break, about to head home for the day, or simply killing time in the area. Without further ado, here are a few places worth poking your head in!

Hudsons Bay Pop Up Toy Store - Bankers Hall

When thinking of where to buy gifts for kids downtown your first thought was probably duh, Hudson’s Bay. Did you know they have their very own pop up holiday toy store inside Bankers Hall? Across from Helly Hanson on the second floor, this temporary shop packs a surprising amount of great gift ideas inside its walls, and seems to be the only store downtown that is dedicated solely to kids toys. For the particularly rushed buyer, you’ll also be happy to know they also have a complimentary wrapping station!

Calendar Club - The CORE Shopping Centre

This place has all the classic puzzles, games, and toys you grew up on, but now you can get them themed with your kids favourite tv and movie series as well! I’m not even kidding they have everything from Harry Potter Clue to a Stranger Things ouija board. They even have StarWars Lego - it’s kind of amazing and definitely worth checking out.

Hatley - Stephen Avenue and 1st Street SW

Image source: @hatley, Instagram

If you are looking for kids clothes look no further than Hatley. This relatively new addition to Stephen Avenue is a family run Canadian company that offers a fun and colourful collection of children’s wear. Dinosaurs, ladybugs and snowmen frequent their playful designs. The store also offers some simpler options for those looking for a more traditional Christmas ensemble.

Land and Sea - The CORE Shopping Centre

This fun little boutique offers some quirky yet aesthetic kids gifts that aren’t going to make your living room look like the inside of a Toys “R” Us when left lying around the house (hurray!). While you’re there, you’ll also find it hard not to hunt around for the “Big” kids of your family because of the hilarious and often ridiculous trinkets that line their shelves - head to the back of the store and you’ll quickly see what I mean!

Indigo Spirit - The CORE Shopping Centre

Never underestimate the power of a good children’s book! Indigo Spirit in The CORE has a brilliant collection in their kids section. If your house is already drowning in kids books, don’t fret! They also carry a variety of small games, toys, children’s puzzle s and colouring books that will make any kid excited on Christmas morning.

Glenbow Museum Giftshop - Stephen Avenue and 1st Street SE

You know who else sells books? The Glenbow Museum Gift Store! This unique gift shop has an incredibly diverse collection of engaging and educational toys, puzzles, and books for all ages that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the city.

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