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Hot Brown Honey: A fun, fierce, feminist party!

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Review written by Jenna Shummoogum

With a bang and a whole lot of sparkle and pzazz, the honeys of Hot Brown Honey have kicked off the High Performance Rodeo!

The Briefs Factory is a company from Australia and raise the roof at the Theatre Junction GRAND. This is a show that lays down beats within a cabaret and variety show that sends out a message to rock the boat and stand up (against the patriarchy). With a diversely talented cast, Hot Brown Honey has a concert feel to it  complete with an vivacious MC, dancers, circus artists and burlesque dancing. It’s an entertaining way to rise up!

The cast consists of Lisa Fa’alafi as the Game Changer; Ofa Fotu as The Myth Slayer; Hope Haami as Hope One The Beatboxer; Ghenoa Gela as The Truth Sayer; Crystal Stacey as The Peace Maker; and Busty Beatz as The Queen Bee, the host for the evening.

The show kicks off with the cast performing a cabaret style dance piece complete with yellow feathers and multiple costume changes. The next couple of dance numbers are executed with tongue and cheek commentary on colonization. We then get treated to a snappy hoola hoop number, followed by some crazy (amazing) beat boxing.

Hot Brown Honey is spunky and political, with nudity and lessons on privilege, performed while giving everyone the finger. It’s set a stage with a physical giant yellow hive in the middle designed by Lisa Fa’alafi. Busty Beatz is on top, narrating the show and stringing the themes together. She also is the one who encourages audience participation, which involves making as much noise as possible.

The show is positive in both its message and presentation of a diversified, all-female cast. With the latest news of sexual harassment and abuse, it’s encouraging to see a theatre show that has themes surrounding female empowerment, with some nudity and lesbian jokes thrown in.

Hot Brown Honey is presented by the Briefs Factory as part of the 32nd annual High Performance Rodeo. The show runs until January 6th. More information and tickets are available online.

Photo by Dylan Evans.


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