Jun 26

Let Wisdom Be Your Guide

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Meditation, from books to blogs, articles to audios, instructions and explanations abound and yet…how often have you heard or perhaps even said “I can’t meditate!”, “I’ve tried, it doesn’t work for me”, or for those who do meditate, “I seem to have plateaued” or “I want to go deeper but…how?” How indeed!?!

The answers to all these questions are coming to us this July. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, International Meditation Master and Ambassador for Peace and founder of the largest NGO in the World, the Art of Living foundation, is coming to Calgary as part of a World wide tour to teach  “Unveiling Infinity” The Science of Consciousness.

This seminar has already enhanced the lives of ten’s of thousands of people across the Globe, from India to the United States.
News agencies such as CNN have described the impact of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Unveiling Infinity seminar as “Life Changing!”

Previous participants of Unveiling Infinity have reported that their “Life changing” experience has continued to grace their daily lives by both enhancing and sustaining their personal meditation practice with remarkable effortlessness and ease.

We all long for and seek those precious moments, where possibility expands across our life’s horizon and shines like a beacon through our limiting beliefs, showing us with a profound certainty that peace, love, intelligence, creativity and wonder are within us right now! These are the moments that money cannot buy but wisdom can bring. This July over 1000 people will make the greatest investment of all, Wisdom!

Welcome you to Unveiling Infinity, The Science of Consciousness at Jack Singer Concert Hall, July the 17th to the 19th, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Take this journey of transformation with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to the True Source of Abundance, our infinitely wise, Infinite Self.

For more information about Unveiling Infinity and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar please visit our website: Unveiling Infinity.

In conjunction with this event, Downtown Calgary will be giving away one Tier Two ticket, worth $495. Visit our Instagram page for details and to enter!

This blog was written by The Art of Living Foundation.

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