Jul 20
Postcard of City Hall circa the 1920s (Retrieved from the University of Alberta)


In 1990, a bylaw was signed in order to designate Calgary’s City Hall as a Municipal Historic Resource. It was the first such designation by the city under the Historical Resources Act. The province indicates that: “Alberta municipalities are empowered under the Historical Resources Act to designate historic places through the passage of a local bylaw. The bylaw legally protects historic resources from demolition or alterations that take away from their heritage value.” Calgary’s City Hall certainly does have historic value! [click to continue…]

Jul 16

Stampede may be over but the summer is still in high gear. This week in downtown Calgary we’ve got the triple threat of theatre, music, and dancing – make your way to the core to catch a glimpse of it all! [click to continue…]

Jul 13
The 1939 Royal Tour Leaving City Hall (Retrieved from the Glenbow Museum)                                                                                                                   

Watched around the world, the recent nuptials of the newly-minted Duke and Duchess of Sussex bring back memories of royal-mania in Calgary. The city has played host to several royal visits over the years. Most recently, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Calgary in July of 2011, taking part in the White Hat Ceremony and kicking off the Calgary Stampede Parade. In 2005, Queen Elizabeth II embarked on a tour of Alberta, visiting the oil sands, and witnessing western hospitality in Calgary and Edmonton. [click to continue…]

Jul 11
Hull Opera House and York Hotel (Retrieved from the Calgary Public Library)                                                                                                                      

As cities grow, skylines change. Postcards must be reprinted, tourist brochures re-formatted, and new landmark buildings imprinted into the collective imagination. The title of “most recognizable building in Calgary” has changed over the years. At one time, the Calgary Tower was the pinnacle of the city’s skyline, though now if you ask, the crescent-shaped Bow Tower is likely the first building that comes to mind. [click to continue…]

Jul 09

It’s Calgarys busiest week, and there is certainly no shortage of entertainment. From line dancing in Olympic Plaza to Blues on the Avenue, downtown is going to keep you moving all week long. [click to continue…]

Jul 06
View of downtown, Palliser Hotel and CP rail station in the 1950s (Retrieved from the Calgary Public Library)


By the end of the 1950s, Calgary had become a modern city! Oil was discovered in Leduc in 1947, and the unprecedented economic growth that came with it gave our city a massive population boost. Suburbs were built, consumerism was on the rise, and prosperity and security were the hallmarks of the decade! Downtown, the Renfrew Club had merged with the Petroleum Club and its meetings moved from the Palliser’s Sun Room to the Motor Car Supply building on Sixth Avenue SW. [click to continue…]

Jul 03

It’s officially Stampede season and downtown Calgary is fully loaded and ready to have some fun. Not a Stampede fan? Have no fear, we’ve still got you covered with some great programs and festivals as well! [click to continue…]

Jun 29
Calgary Ranch Boys: Calgary Herald Archives

This summer, Downtown Calgary has launched a new program exploring the history of our downtown core. Downtown Through the Decades focuses on bringing history to life through live music on the Stephen Avenue Stage, each Saturday from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. Before you explore the sounds of the 50s this week with Bossa Kings, read up on all the changes the 1940s brought to Calgary!  [click to continue…]

Jun 27

151 years old and the party’s are only getting better. Make your way downtown this Canada Day to be a part of Calgary’s biggest celebrations. From Olympic Plaza to Prince’s Island Park, all of the city’s downtown core will be packed full of free and family friendly entertainment, so come down and enjoy the festivities. [click to continue…]