Oct 30

There’s fun for the whole family and with friends this week with the Holiday Night Market, Dia De Muertos, Movies at the GRAND, the return of DOC Soup Series and an 80’s & 90’s Dance Party! Read on for more details to start making your plans. [click to continue…]

Oct 24

Review written by Jenna Shummoogum, @JennaShummoogum

Virginia Woolf wrote To the Lighthouse in 1927 and focused on the Ramsay family anticipating and looking back on visiting a lighthouse. Alberta Theatre Projects’ To The Light’ by Evelyne De La Cheneliere, translated by John Murrell is inspired by Woolf’s To the Lighthouse. Woolf was the creator of the stream of consciousness narrative device and the play also uses this device. It allows for a dreamlike telling of the story but this device leads to the detriment of the narrative or any semblance of emotional depth. The production is lacking anything that the audience can hold on to, though the cast tries to hold it together, the story doesn’t really pull through.

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Oct 23

Strut in your stuff in your Sunday best, showcase your new Halloween costume, spend the day in a onesie or. . .  do it all! This week will keep you busy with a premiere symphonic ballet, Halloween activities, theatre and a fun run! Read on to start making your plans for the week. [click to continue…]

Oct 20

Sometimes you encounter individuals that live and breathe fashion and personal style, and Paul Conrad Schneider is certainly that person. Not only does he showcase this love and passion for fashion in his daily outfits on the streets of Calgary, but also on his social media channels and blog, The Youth Novels, where the opening line of his About section states – What better way for a twenty-one year old “manrepeller” to spend his time than documenting his overly layered outfits? And I couldn’t agree more! [click to continue…]

Oct 19

Review written by Jenna Shummoogum, @JennaShummoogum

There is something to be said about having a civil discourse. Something about the ability to have a discussion with someone that you absolutely disagree with in terms of their ideas and beliefs but still see them and honour them as a human being. This idea is at the heart of Fire Exit Theatre’s timely production Freud’s Last Session, a fictional story written by Mark St. Germain about Dr. Sigmund Freud meeting C.S Lewis. It’s a meeting and clashing of ideas, faith and belief.

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Oct 19

Northern Reflections Window Exhibition: Where Augmented Reality and Art Collide

This winter Calgarians will have the unique opportunity to participate in and engage with an immersive art experience that is nothing like this city has ever seen before. Through a series of painted windows in the Downtown core, viewers will be able to experience winter-time stories as told by Calgarian Artists in the Northern Reflections Window Exhibition, curated by art collective Buds of Buds.

However, unlike any other outdoor art gallery, they’re taking the notion of “experience” to an entirely new level. With the use of your smartphone and a simple app, they’re combining Augmented Reality (AR) and art to bring you an immersive experience that will display memories, traditions and impressions of this snowy season when you view each painted window. But let’s back up a second – this has many of us questioning… [click to continue…]

Oct 18

Whether you are looking for a spook-tacular time with friends, a haunting experience or just something to get you out of the house during the Halloween weekend, we have some ideas for you to check out downtown. Read on to see which events will suit your spirit this Halloween!

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Oct 18

Michel Tremblay’s Les Belles Soeurs has been translated into more than 30 languages and presented in over 25 countries. It is the most produced Québecois play and is so popular that the script, written in 1965, was adapted into a musical by René Richard Cyr (book, lyrics and direction) and Daniel Bélanger (composer). Theatre Calgary is presenting the Copa de Oro and Segal Centre for Performing Arts production. Sisters: The Bells Soeurs Musical is a moving, rousing musical, with powerful singing and outstanding acting with just the right douse of over the top fun. [click to continue…]

Oct 16


Whether you need to bust a gut with a night of laughter, let your hair fall for some heavy metal, or go with the flow with exercise, music and dance there is something for everyone downtown this week! [click to continue…]