Aug 24
Theatre Junction Grand (Retrieved from Travel Alberta)


Even though the 2010s are in full swing, historic events have taken place this decade. It may seem like just yesterday, but notable events have been happening downtown for the last eight years! [click to continue…]

Aug 20

We’re entering the last few weeks of summer, but that doesn’t mean Downtown Calgary is slowing down! September is going to be just as busy as August, so make sure to check out our upcoming events too. [click to continue…]

Aug 17
Canada Life Assurance Building on Stephen Avenue, AKA the Hollingsworth Building (retrieved from Canada’s Historic Places)


The fear that computer systems would not be able to handle the transition from 1999 to 2000 caused hysteria around the world. The dreaded Y2K panic had people fearing that computer systems and technology would fail, planes would fall from the sky, and the apocalypse would arrive. The hysteria was for naught. We survived the turn of the millennium. In fact, Calgary thrived. [click to continue…]

Aug 13

Downtown Calgary is preparing for another weekend of summer festivals! Prince’s Island Park, Olympic Plaza, and Eau Claire are all celebrating in their own way this weekend, so come down and see whats going on. [click to continue…]

Aug 10

Early twentieth-century bank architecture in Calgary provided the downtown landscape with imposing façades and ornate, exterior decoration. Fluted columns, elaborate cornices, and Ionic capitals grace these examples of Beaux-Arts architecture. [click to continue…]

Aug 07

The circus is coming to town! Make sure to check out all the crazy acrobatics in Truck Stop this weekend, and then grab some grub at one of the food festivals that are also gonna be downtown! [click to continue…]

Aug 02
Ward Block 1 (Retrieved from the City of Calgary)


Long before King Edward VIII abdicated the British throne to marry his mistress, Wallis Simpson, he had another love, Freda Dudley Ward. Edward, Prince of Wales at the time, had a penchant for married women, Freda being married to a Liberal MP by the name of William Dudley Ward. [click to continue…]

Jul 30

It’s Historic Calgary Week! Downtown is hosting a huge selection of history themed programming all over the core, so make sure to check our event calendar for a full listing. [click to continue…]

Jul 27
Canada’s 1998 Calgary Olympians (Retrieved from Collections and Archives Canada)


Looming large in media coverage and daily conversation is the potential for a 2026 Olympic bid by the City of Calgary. Neighbours, friends, and co-workers fall on opposite sides of the debate and argue fiercely about the pros and cons of such a bid. Those who vie for the Olympic Games to make their return to Calgary often cite the success of the 1988 Games. The first Olympic Games to be held over a two-week period, Calgary beat out cities in Italy and Sweden for the right to host. Calgary had bid previously, losing to Innsbruck, Austria in 1964 and Grenoble, France in 1968. [click to continue…]