May 31

‘The List’ Makes the List…

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Presented by Urban Curvz Theatre, ‘The List’ explores humanity through a woman’s struggle with control, guilt, and acceptance.

The simple set for this one woman show is well executed, with the ‘List’ an ever prevalent theme, literally written on the walls. Our narrator, Ester Purres-Smith, is already on stage as the audience fills the 60 seat Motel space at the EPCOR Centre, creating an air of anticipation.

Her monologue  is sharp and direct - sometimes to the point of being too contrived. However, at a pivotal moment in the story, her delivery was breathtaking - or perhaps more accurately, goose-bump creating. Her ability to draw the audience in with a strong and articulate voice ensured we were invested in the story.

The play itself is an engaging examination of the human condition. The audience is brought in to explore the narrator’s type-A yet distracted personality, while we see the gentle emergence of her jealousy, fear, and frustration.

What we perceive in ourselves is very rarely what others see, and how we see others is almost never how they see them selves; how can we reconcile these things in a way that allows us to have authentic relationships?  A big question, given to the audience, but perhaps not truly pondered by our narrator.

The List is a strong and interesting exploration of life and humanity, and has something that everyone can relate to, at least a little bit. It offers just enough humour to allow space for a central tragic event.

Three and a half stars out of five.

‘The List’ runs until June 8th, 2013 at EPCOR Centre’s Motel. Tickets are $25 or less, and can be purchased here.

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