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Lunchbox Theatre’s ‘Speed Dating for Sperm Donors’ is heartwarming fun

by Jenna Shummoogum · 3 comments

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Starting a family is a big decision. For Helen (Julie Orton) and Paige (Janelle Cooper) of Lunchbox Theatre’s Speed Dating for Sperm Donors, making the decision wasn’t so hard. It’s actually having it happen that’s the hard part. They could just go to a sperm bank, but it doesn’t fall within what they want.

They want the option for their child to know the biological father and therefore don’t want an anonymous donor, and they don’t want to adopt. They had it all lined up to ask Helen’s good friend Trent (Christian Goutsis) but that didn’t exactly work out as planned. Thus begins their journey of trying to find someone who is the right fit to help them out.

Speed Dating for Sperm Donors is a unique story of a lesbian couple looking to complete their family and the struggles they face along the way. They have a vision of how they want this process to go and in the end they want a donor who fits with them and shares their values, which winds up being harder to find then they originally thought.

The donors are all played by either Goutsis or Mark Bellamy and there is quite a range of colourful characters. There is the Evangelist (Bellamy) or the hippy who would like to cohabit (Bellamy). The sex addict who just wants to help them out (Goutsis) and the half of a gay couple who wants a kid (Bellamy). Who knew securing sperm would be this hard? Or this funny?

The play has great performances from the cast, Orton and Cooper are a strong pair. Goutsis shows his versatility, playing a big range of people and embodying the characters. Terry Gunvordahl’s distinctive set design has images of sperm as the backdrop of the play. It gives the play a quirky feel.

Speed dating for sperm donors is a fun play that has instances of feeling quite scripted, but has many moments of heart.

Lunchbox Theatre’s Speed Dating for Sperm Donors runs until February 21. More information is available online.

Photo Credit: Benjamin Laird

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