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Street Style Huntress: FOONYAP

by Aldona Barutowicz · 1 comment

One of the most exciting things about street style is that you never know who you’ll meet and what style awaits around every corner - literally! That’s exactly how I met Foon Yap - I rounded the corner to spot her walking on 7th Avenue near The Palomino Smokehouse during Sled Island, and I had to cut my phone conversation short to go and capture her amazing street style.

I then went on to learn that Foon is a local musician, who was playing a couple of shows during the festival, which also led to a couple of opportunities for me to capture her unique personal style - each day she wore something fun and unexpected, so it’s no surprise that not only did she make my gallery a couple of times during the festival, but I also knew she was a shoe-in for a full feature.

Which brings us to this moment and these photos, and of course, a few Q&A’s with Foon about her personal style and fashion influences, her incredible music and other fun details.

How would you describe your personal style?

High maintenance with a touch of sci-fi.

What are some of your influences when it comes to fashion?

The Queen, In The Mood for Love, flappers, and the Borg.

What are some of your favourite stores and shopping destinations in Downtown Calgary?

The Bay - Their selection is amazing and I miss their basement deli.

Fluevog - I always have a pair on rotation.

Roots - Their bags become my best friends.

What are some of your favourite Downtown YYC spots? 

The Bear & Kilt is my proletariat bar for all occasions. Sub Rosa seduces with its exquisite interior and indulgent cocktails. Finally, I’ve seen and played some of my favourite shows at The Palomino.

What are some of your favourite trends right now?

The Undercut. Radioactive lip colours. Mesh patches on leggings. The future is now!

What fashion advice would you give to others? 

Never be afraid to overdress. When in doubt, more makeup.

Tell us more about the projects and work that you’re involved with. 

My latest album ‘Palimpsest’ explores personal stories from my Chinese-Catholic heritage and classical music upbringing. It melds asian, folk and electronic influences to create hushed and introspective soundscapes. I’m currently touring across Canada with experimental drone artist, An Ant and An Atom. 

What are some of your future aspirations?  

I just got back from the UK in May; My goal is to return to that wondrous place sometime next year. I was intoxicated by the energy seeping from its density and diversity. I’m also looking forward to touring the States!

How does your work influence your personal style?

I never forget that I am my brand and am always put-together. When I’m on tour, I marry practicality with style. Black leather boots and neutral colours become my uniform.

Anything you’d like to add or tell us about? 

My last shows at the National Music Centre and the Palomino were special. The staff, the audience, and crew - we came together to share in an ineffable performance. Thank you!

To learn more about Foon, her music and upcoming shows click on FOONYAP.

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