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Heritage Day Long Weekend Calgary

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This post is from 2012. Please see Heritage Day Long Weekend August 2014 for the most updated information.

The August long weekend always catches up on me, and I think that’s because there is no real holiday associated with it. In fact, Québec, Newfoundland and Nunavut don’t have a day-off at all. It’s usually Thursday or Friday when folks finally start asking what I’m doing for the long weekend and I look at them puzzled trying to figure out what long weekend they are referring to. For those of us like me, who realize they’ve got an extra Monday to themselves in August, I’ve compiled some fun stuff to ensure you feel like you got the most out of your long weekend.

Monday is Heritage Day in Alberta, and to celebrate the multicultural heritage of Canada you can check out Prince’s Island Park between noon and 6pm for food, craft, musical performances and children’s area. Check out

You can also come down to Stephen Avenue to check out the Celebration Site. Downtown Calgary has been hosting a giant screen in front of Banker’s hall, allowing all Calgarians, tourists and whomever else wants to stop by to watch the 2012 London Summer Olympics. Thousands of people have already stopped by to cheer on team Canada and take part in the celebration of sport and international community.

If neither of those catch your fancy, Calgary is full of unscheduled things to do. Pop by Eau Claire and visit the splash park with your children, explore the RiverWalk, take your skateboard/rollerblades/scooter to Millennium Park and much more.


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