Dec 06

Street Style Huntress: House of Bloggers Shopping Bazaar

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Some weeks are so event heavy it’s sometimes difficult to decide which ones to attend. This is not a bad problem to have. What usually really sells me is when there’s a great cause behind an event, paired of course with the ‘come out and have a good time’ angle.

So when some local bloggers decided to come together to sell clothes from their personal closets to benefit Kids Cancer Care - House of Bloggers Shopping Bazaar at Eau Claire Market - I knew that I had to make and appearance and help contribute to the event by purchasing a few pieces. I also brought along my camera to capture the event, and naturally, some stylish friends and strangers too.

With 27 Boutique, Bano eeMee, Adorie Jewels and NRT Fashions, the event went beyond the bloggers that were involved. It was great to see Calgary’s fashion industry coming together in this unique way, for an event that I hope will continue beyond this first installment.

There was much to check out, from clothes, shoes, bags and tons of accessories. They also had prizes and giveaways throughout the event, and even yours truly managed to win a prize!

In conclusion, keep it coming Calgary. I’m sure I’m not the only one ready to experience cool new events that benefit and support our local community.

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