Mar 07

Street Style Huntress: The Magic of the +15

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As you’re all well aware, Calgary has had quite a brutal winter season and I’m sure that I’m not alone in wishing and dreaming about Spring and Summer. The weather becomes even more important and dire in my life when it comes time for me to find and photograph stylish strangers on the streets. Luckily Downtown Calgary is full of +15’s that proved a great spot for Street Style hunting this month. A few of my favourite shops also proved to be helpful, although not for yours truly, as that tends to get very dangerous for someone who loves style and shopping.

So while staying warm in the +15’s I was lucky enough to meet some amazing people this round, including those adorned in funky glasses, a giant fur jacket, a bit of leather, and even a little touch of flourescent colour. What impressed me the most is that even though the temperature is chilly and most are running from building to building trying to keep warm, these lovely people all had a smile on their face and were ready to get their style captured and celebrated. And that’s exactly why I do the things that I do!

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