Aug 13


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I didn’t want to mention it but it is clear that the days are getting shorter and I think I’ve noticed a couple of leaves turning yellow. While we have plenty of incredible summer days ahead of us, there is no denying the influx of autumn colours, fabrics and styles entering the shops at this very moment. Yes, September Issues and fall wardrobes are starting to make an appearance and there is not much we can do but embrace it.

With so many great trends debuting this fall, I figured we might as well get ahead of the curve and pick up some essentials that will kick our wardrobes up a notch as we transition from summer to fall. Here are five key fall pieces to buy now.

The Loose Jacket: Borrowed from men’s tailoring and over-sized layering, the loose jacket is perfect for layering all autumn long. I found a great one at The Bay that you will be able to wear now on cooler days as we transition into fall. Topshop Belted Light Trench Coat, The Bay

Graphic Prints: We are going to see a lot of bold colour contrasts and patterns this fall. Kick things off with a bold pant. Pair this Windowpane Pant with a cool tank as you enjoy the rest of the summer. Windowpane Pant, CLEO

Utilitarian Chic: Military and army surplus style is back for fall. You can’t go with a classic army green jacket. When I saw this one from GAP, I thought about how versatile it is for all seasons not just fall. Utility Hooded Jacket, GAP

Victorian-inspired: Channel your inner bohemian with the  Victorian trend. Delicate lace, sheer, velvet and ruffle details all will make appearances on the racks and runways.  Try incorporating it into your wardrobe with this gorgeous cocktail dress from BCBG. Samantha Eyelet Embroidered Dress, BCBG

Winter White: Who says you can’t wear white after labour day? Certainly not those who started the winter white trend. Even if you abide by every single fashion rule in the book, don’t forget it it is still summer so pull on a light cardigan when you need a layer. White Long Open-front Crepe & Knit Cardigan, RW&Co.

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