Oct 03

Street Style Huntress: Temperate Seasons

by Aldona Barutowicz · 0 comments

I’ve said this a lot, but Fall is my favourite season, although I can’t help but whine each year that it’s never long enough here in Calgary - but then again, I wish it could last for months on end. Before the first snow fall, one of my favourite activities is to wander the streets enjoying the crisp air, fallen leaves and beautiful colours, while scoping for stylish people to photograph.

The best part is that when you get a bit chilly, this is also the perfect time to run in and warm up, which for myself includes a little bit of time dedicated to shopping and updating my personal wardrobe for the season.

So that’s exactly what I did this month - I enjoyed some outside time, while running in to The Core in search of some Fall and Winter staples - which is apparently what a lot of other lovely and fashionable ladies were doing as well. I was happy to see that leopard print is still making a bit statement, and as one of the ladies whom I photographed said, it’s certainly the classiest animal print in history. I found some great layering, which is also another reason why I love Fall, more black coming out to play, and variations on cozy sweaters and scarves.

As if that weren’t enough, and to celebrate my deep love for the season, I’ve also included a few photos that have been some of my favourite captures of this amazing temperate season - so enjoy the short, yet amazing, Fall of YYC!

And a few Fall favourites from the past…

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