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The Big Taste Foodie Festival kicks off on March 4th for a full 10 days of amazing food. Think of it as the foodie version of Stampede, minus all of the deep fried junk food. You will only find the cream of the crop at this delicious festival at top restaurants like Catch, Divino and Charcut. I got the full scoop on what is happening at Ki Japanese for the Big Taste. If you go there, be sure to use the hashtag #KiBigTaste and @kijapanese when you share a photo of your meal (don’t even pretend that you won’t be Instagramming this).

Ki has recently introduced a new Head Chef, Lawrence Dela Cruz. Prior to joining Ki, Chef Lawrence has been working as a Sous Chef at one of Calgary’s popular steakhouses, Vintage Chophouse.  Chef Dela Cruz is passionate about food and loves to explore all types of cuisine.  This will be Chef Lawrence’s first Big Taste event with Ki - and he has come up with quite the Dinner menu for the evening for only $35! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. And if you are interested, they have an optional drink pairing for an extra $25 - it is definitely worth it if you are planning a night out. Ki’s General Manager Adam Snelling just so happens to be a Sake Sommelier.

Ki Japanese - Dinner Menu $35 - Optional Pairing $25


Vegetarian Sunomono Salad: Noodles, Cucumber, Oshinko, Tomato, Hiyashi Tosazu Vinaigrette

Optional Pairing: Fukumitsuya Tradition Junmai Draft Sake

Sushi + Sashimi

Maguro, Cold Smoked Salmon, Hirame Sushi + Binnaga, Benizake, Unagi Sashimi

Optional Pairing: Gold Omachi Junmai Daiginjō

Choice of Entrée

Seared Maple Salmon Sous Vide Teriyaki Chicken Grilled 6oz Rib Eye Steak

Optional Pairing: Carmel Road Pinot Noir


Crème Caramel

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