Sep 23

Handsome Alice’s ‘The Good Bride’ is the little show that could

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About a year ago, Northern Light Theatre in Edmonton produced The Good Bride, starring Arielle Rombough and it won a Sterling Award for Outstanding New Play. Rombough fell in love hard with the play and decided that she really wanted it to happen again. She approached social media to maybe get some funding for the project and found some friends who wanted to support her. Rombough approached Handsome Alice Theatre, and The Good Bride opens tonight at the Motel Theatre in Arts Commons.

“The show follows follows Maranatha Graham who is a Quiverfull Christian. She is on the brink of marriage, and her 29 year old fiance is a aspiring pasteur. She is in someone’s house, waiting for her father to show up when God says it is time for her to be married. The waiting and being alone causes Maranatha to begin to question the systems of her faith,” Rombough says about the narrative.

How does a story about a Quiverfull Christian fit into Handsome Alice Theatre’s mandate of promoting the female voice on stage? “The play breaks down the patriarchical systems of the faith, without becoming critical of faith itself. There is a good balance,” Rombough explains. “It really is this fascinating dark comedy about those systems of faith. And it certainly has a feminist narrative because it tackles feminism with a lot of satire.”

Rombough is excited to take up the role of Maranatha again, as she felt immensely connected with her the first time.

“It’s been like jumping back on a bicycle, she was always there, she never really left.”

Handsome Alice Theatre’s production of The Good Bride opens tonight. Tickets and more information is available online.

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