Sep 24

This week downtown you can keep up with the latest Fall fashion at PARKLUXE, get galactic at the Glenbow with Cosmos, or continue your movie binge with CIFF. [click to continue…]

Sep 17

You thought the festivals were over? Not quite yet! Downtown Calgary has some heavy hitters this week, with events like Beakerhead and CIFF taking over the core. [click to continue…]

Sep 10

Both the Calgary Philharmonic and Alberta Theatre Projects are debuting some great new projects his week. Remember to check out our websites online calendar for a full listing of their programs. [click to continue…]

Sep 03

This week downtown Calgary is celebrating hockey with Honens, Brazil with Brazil Fest, and pretty much everything else at The Circle! Keep reading to find out more. [click to continue…]

Aug 31
“Soldiers Riot in Calgary” (Retrieved form the New York Times)


Shortly after prohibition came to Calgary in 1916, the city was the site of a violent uprising. A strong military presence in the city, coupled with a fundamental change to the social fabric of the city, made for explosive conditions. [click to continue…]

Aug 27

It’s officially Pride Week and Calgary’s is bigger and better than ever, make sure to check our website for a full listing of events and activities. Fiesta Filipino is taking over Olympic Plaza this weekend as well, so come on down and celebrate! [click to continue…]

Aug 24
Theatre Junction Grand (Retrieved from Travel Alberta)


Even though the 2010s are in full swing, historic events have taken place this decade. It may seem like just yesterday, but notable events have been happening downtown for the last eight years! [click to continue…]

Aug 20

We’re entering the last few weeks of summer, but that doesn’t mean Downtown Calgary is slowing down! September is going to be just as busy as August, so make sure to check out our upcoming events too. [click to continue…]

Aug 17
Canada Life Assurance Building on Stephen Avenue, AKA the Hollingsworth Building (retrieved from Canada’s Historic Places)


The fear that computer systems would not be able to handle the transition from 1999 to 2000 caused hysteria around the world. The dreaded Y2K panic had people fearing that computer systems and technology would fail, planes would fall from the sky, and the apocalypse would arrive. The hysteria was for naught. We survived the turn of the millennium. In fact, Calgary thrived. [click to continue…]